About us

“North East London Training Hub is the ‘go to’ place for any information about out of hospital workforce, education and development. We work to address local needs. The Training Hub aims to support individuals, employers, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and other provider network in the region.
We are formed through 5 locality hubs in North East London, who work together through dedicated clinical leaderships and management support. We work closely with Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to support workforce priorities and tackle health inequalities to help meet patient and population demand.
We aspire to add scale for efficiency and encourage innovation. The hub is managed, and the work driven by regional and local expertise using the local educators working together at as sytem level.


Who Are The Team?

Dr Jyoti Sood

NEL Training Hub Clinical Lead & BHR Clinical Lead

Asad Khan

NEL Programme Director

Paul Olaiten

BHR Programme Manager

Jennifer Tumbridge

City and Hackney Joint Clinical Leads

Amber-Lea McKoy

City and Hackney Joint Clinical Leads

Elizabeth Okali

City and Hackney Programme Manager

Dr Subir Sen

Newham Clinical Lead

Sule Kangulec

Newham Programme Manager

Dr Phil Bennett-Richards

Tower Hamlets Clinical Lead

Ekramul Hoque

Tower Hamlets Programme Manager

Dr Johra Alam

Waltham Forest Clinical Lead

Zehra Safdar

Waltham Forest Programme Manager